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*Accepting L&I (Working Related Injuries) and PIP (Auto Accidents)

SomaCentric is YOUR PLACE FOR HEALING... Let's begin your journey.

We provide individual massages on an appointment basis.  Leave a message or text and we will get back to you.

SomaCentric also specializes in Corporate Massage Programs and Special Events Services. 


Office is located at: 

7800 Bothell Way NE, Suite 155, Kenmore, WA  98028 

You come to us... or we go to you.



Love SomaCentric. I had the pleasure of having Lily work on my back. We were moving and she helped me relax tremendously. I wanted a deep tissue massage. Lily delivered. Give her a call. You won’t regret it.
— Anna Luu Pings, 7/15/2017, via Facebook
Lily you are truly a professional. You always make me feel comfortable, content and care for during my visits. You provide top quality massages and pay attention to what I need most. I can count on you to rejuvenate me. Thank you for all around outstanding experiences.
— Judy Robertson, 7/15/2017, via Facebook
I have chronic neck and shoulder pain, and Lily was wonderful about listening to my exact spots that needed work and taking her time. Her touch was firm but comfortable, and I felt very comfortable with her. Highly recommended!
— Micki Truesdale Smith, 8/2/2017, via Facebook
I had problems with my back from a career in construction. I decided to try a massage. I walked through the door and was greeted by Lily with a warm, welcoming smile I knew I had found the perfect fit. Meeting her for the first time, I felt as if we had been friends for years. Lily has a gift of immediately making her clients feel comfortable and at ease. Lily knew exactly what to do and after an intense 1-hour massage, the back pain disappeared. On my second visit, I mentioned my legs were sore, mainly from long distance running. Lily did her magic again and I left there walking with the skip of a ballerina. I now sleep better, have less stress and anxiety, better circulation and more energy. She is one of my angels on earth and I am grateful that it was her door I walked through that day. I would not hesitate to recommend Lily’s services to my friends and family.
— Donal Fennessy, 10/23/2017, via Facebook