Specialties are based on the anatomy and physiology...



Affect your mind, as well as your body!

Swedish Massage:  The goal is to warm up the tissue and release tension.  The massage strokes break up the "muscle knots", also called adhesions. Promotes relaxation.

Deep Tissue: The primary goal here is to reduce discomfort and pain, improving the body's ability to heal itself. Muscles are lengthened and released.  It has been used in detoxing the body and promoting better liver functions. Some of the benefits are: treats chronic back pain, helps lower high blood pressure, reduces stress/anxiety, breaks up scar tissue, improves recovery and performance of athletes, and helps reduce arthritis symptoms.

Sports Massage:  Specific to the athlete's sport of choice, meant to enhance preparation before the event. It targets muscle-tendon joints. After the event, it is utilized to reduce muscle soreness.

Prenatal Massage:  Relieves many discomforts, such as back ache, neck pains, headaches, and edema.  It also helps relax the nerves, aiding with sleep.  Can also help relieve anxiety and depression, which are caused by hormonal changes.


Hot Stones Massage

A luxurious method to help you relax and ease tense muscles.

Cupping Massage:  This method of massage aids with pain, inflammation, blood flow, and relaxation.  Warning: May leave bruises, due to the sucking effect.